American Cheese on display at Specialty Cheese Store

This piece will be on display through until November 4th. I will be photographing it everyday, documenting the decomposition of the cheese.

“Art and commerce mix in interesting ways. And this is the only way that Imitation American Cheese Slices will ever be on the shelves of my store! I hope people enjoy this as much as I have.” 
Steve Reynolds, owner of Forward Foods

American Cheese is now at Forward Foods at 123 East Main in Norman, Oklahoma until Election Day, November 4th.


  1. ART+FOOD+POLITICS they melt so well.
    I am very curious to see pictures of the whole process of decomposition of each cheese and what they will look like on election day.
    Some cheese are aged, acid, astringent, aromatic...
    I like fresh, strong and firm.
    Its all about the cheese......

  2. OMG! This project is AMAZING!!!